The Bismarck of Rob Peters in the Maritime Museum Rotterdam is the first exhibition dedicated entirely to the Bismarck and is the result of the artist's year-long involvement with the legendary battleship.
As the large centrepiece in the main gallery Markus Vanbeek's splendiferous Bismarck model (1:100)was placed 'vis a vis' with Peters' Teutonic Knight who carries on his torso the Bismarck's conning tower, executed in the same scale as Vanbeek's model.
This centrepiece is surrounded by 71 meters of wall space displaying the artist's paintings and models, a fair amount of which is to be found on this site (see "Art")
A striking feature at the entrance: the glass facade is covered in the well known black and white Kriegsmarine camouflage that the Bismarck sported, to a scale of 1:1
The Historical Avenue guides the visitor towards the centrepiece of the exhibition via a gallery containing a collection of paintings, sea-charts, blueprints, original photographs and newspaper clippings. These fifty personal pieces provide the historical background to the time when the Bismarck made his first and only voyage. The visitor is now prepared for Peters' Bismarck.

More detailed pictures of Vanbeek's Supermodel can be seen at kbismarck.com see under my "links".

"Looking up -
3000 miles down"
a ceiling installation