Having been invited to 2 exhibitions in St.Petersburg it seemed only fair to bring out my Russian battleships such as: Potemkin, Tsesarevich, Suvurov...

Upon hearing the exhibitions were to coincide with the official commemoration of 350 years of friendship between Holland and Russia, Peters painted "The combined flag".
In November 2003 Rob Peters took his Russian Battleships to St.Petersburg
St.Petersburg/ October 2003. Artist Rob Peters holds his version of the cruiser "Aurora", which fired the first shot that started the Russian revolution of 1917, against the original ship.
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Titanic exhibition in Mariniersmuseum Rotterdam

The invitation to contribute to the Titanic Exhibition saw the completion and display of the third in a series of three billiard tables.
The billiard table stands on a parquet inlaid floor and the ship is fully lit from the inside.