Paintings   The 1:100 series

This is no. 1 in a series of six 1:100 side views of the Bismarck, that formed the centre of Rob Peters' exhibition.
Each of these views symbolising different stages of its existence. This is the first to be realised as a
limited edition Giclée print, and shows the battleship smartly delivered.


"Spiel im Sommerwind". The title relates to the movie that was played on board, while passing the Norwegian coast.
No one has an inkling that the HOOD is just about to steam out of harbour.


"Roestbak" - "Rostlaube"

"The Bismarck Principle"

"Sturm bricht los!" (detail).
The ship slides from fair into foul weather.Secret radio-telegrams crossing each other in the clouds.

"Bismarck approaching"
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